Red Lentil Burgers

redlentilburger001Lately I seem to have a thing for lentils. Last week I posted a recipe for a Curried Carrot and Lentil Soup and today I bring you a second suggestion featuring this ingredient.

I guess it all has to do with this legume’s high-nutritional value and also the fact that (red) lentils are cooked super fast and taste so great.

I’ve put together a quick recipe for Red Lentil Burgers. I love bean-based patties as a replacement for vegetarian burgers mainly for two reasons: they’re flavorful and have a great consistency. This time I’m adding some chickpeas, sesame seeds and carrots for an extra crunch and if you’re gluten intolerant, I’ve replaced regular flour for buckwheat as the sticky factor.

(Tip: I had previously posted a recipe for Black Bean & Mushroom patties. Another idea for bean-based burgers)



Red Lentil Burgers
Ingredients (Makes 8 patties):
125g cooked chickpeas
250g cooked red lentils
100g shredded carrot
1 beaten egg
20g sesame seeds
25g buckwheat meal
Salt and pepper
Oil for baking

1. With the help of a hand mixer or blender, mix the chickpeas and lentils until you get a creamy texture.
2. In a bowl, combine this cream with the shredded carrot, beaten egg, sesame seeds, buckwheat meal and season with some salt and pepper to taste. The resulting mixture should not be too fluid and hold itself together (add some extra buckwheat flour if necessary to get the right consistency, you should be able to manipulate the mixture to give form to the patties).
3. Heat up some oil in a baking pan and spoon the mixture in, creating the patties. Flatten them a bit with the spoon. Make sure to turn them once so they cook on both sides.
Serve as a burger with some fresh salad.
Hope you like this recipe, buen provecho!
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