Eggplant and Spinach Lasagna

I’m moving to a new apartment next week! Which means: new kitchen!!!
The new kitchen is not a huge one, but bigger than my current one and has everything necessary to keep cooking awesome stuff, so I’m happy 😀 I’ll make sure to make a video showing the new kitchen once I’m moved.
So between all this packing and moving hassle, I made a bit of time to upload this recipe for you.
It’s a vegetarian lasagna, very different from the previous one I posted some time ago:Vegetarian lasagna with Grinded tofu.For this one I’m gonna be using grilled eggplant and spinach to fill the layers…gotta recommend it, deliciousness guaranteed!
What you’ll need (for a 9 inch lasagna):
I prefer using self-made tomato sauce, find that recipe here.
1 eggplant cut into thin slices
300g fresh spinach
6-9 lasagna sheets
2 mozzarella balls cut into slices
vegetarian grated cheese
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Optional: Oregano

Start by preparing the tomato sauce using the recipe above. You can always use ready tomato sauce if you prefer it that way. I recommend making it at home since you can always adapt the seasoning to your own taste.
Grill the eggplant. Pour some olive oil on a baking tray. Place the eggplant slices on it and season them with some salt and pepper (feel free to add your favorite spices). Bake them in the oven at 220°C for 15 minutes. Set aside.
Cooking the spinach. Heat up some olive oil in a deep pan. Throw in the spinach leaves and press and mix them until they start releasing all their moist. Season with some salt and pepper. Stop cooking once they’ve been reduced completely.
Putting the lasagna together. Cover the bottom of your 9 inch baking dish with some lasagna sheets. Top with a layer of the grilled eggplant slices. Top with a layer of cooked spinach. Top with a layer of mozzarella slices. Distribute some tomato sauce on top of that and finish by sprinkling with some grated cheese.
Repeat this process for a second layer.
The final layer. Cover the latest layer with the remaining lasagna sheets. Distribute the rest of the tomato sauce on top of it. Cover that with lots of grated cheese. I like spicing it up with some oregano and pouring some extra olive oil as a final touch.
This goes in the oven at 220°C for 25 minutes.
Serve inmediately. Can also be refrigerated but has to be eaten within the next 2 days.
As usual, I’ve prepared a video tutorial for this recipe, since it requires so many steps which are best explained with image. Link coming below.
Hope you liked this recipe, buen provecho!

The Benefits of Spelt!

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This blog was long due…you may have noticed that I mention spelt a lot lately and I got a couple good reasons as to why.
I’m most of the time replacing regular wheat flour with spelt flour and normal pasta with spelt pasta, until now, those are the 2 main uses I have for spelt (they’ll sure increase in the near future).

So, I wanted to explain a bit what the benefits of spelt are and why I’ve decided to replace  normal ingredients with it whenever I can…

Spelt (Triticum spelta) is a hexaploid species of wheat. Spelt was an important staple in parts of Europe from the Bronze Age to medieval times; it now survives as a relict crop in Central Europe and northern Spain and has found a new market as a health food.
Spelt contains about 57.9 percent carbohydrates (excluding 9.2 percent fibre), 17.0 percent protein and 3.0 percent fat, as well as dietary minerals and vitamins. As it contains a moderate amount of gluten, it is suitable for some baking. –
Source: Wikipedia – Spelt

Spelt has high water solubility, so nutrients are easily absorbed by the body making it easy to digest. It is high in protein (significantly higher than wheat), higher in B complex vitamins, and spelt is high in both simple and complex carbohydrates. These complex carbohydrates are an important factor in blood clotting and stimulating the body’s immune system. Spelt is a suberb fiber resource.Source: HiStakes-Spelt

When cooking with spelt, you won’t notice a huge difference with regular wheat products. Spelt does feel a bit heavier and has a darker, brown color. It is also a bit more expensive than normal products, but I think it’s all worth it.
Pasta cooks in the same amount if time as regular pasta. If you want to make spelt bread, it’ll take a bit longer to rise, so I suggest using a bit more yeast and kneading for a longer period.

Check out this section from HiStakes-Spelt, they go really deep into every detail on how to use this type of grain:

Hope you find this information helpful!

Fresh Basil Vegetarian Pesto

Just serving pasta with pesto is already good enough for me…pesto adds such a delicious taste to the pasta that I do not require anything fancier to enjoy this as a meal itself.
So, of course, I needed to try out making a vegetarian version of it… This one’s for Tania (who personally requested it!)

What you’ll need (makes 1 cup pesto):
2 cups fresh basil leaves
1 cup vegetarian grated cheese (the one I normally use is Emmental)
1 cup olive oil
1/2 cup pine nuts
3 garlic cloves (peeled)
Salt and pepper to taste

Easy mode…combine all the ingredients with a hand mixer or blender.
Preferably add the olive oil gradually, so that you can control the texture to what you desire. You should get a creamy texture, but if you want it a bit more liquid you can always add more olive oil.
Taste it to make sure it’s seasoned well with salt and pepper.

My serving suggestion:
Cook some pasta and dress it with the pesto (so that it’s all covered)…combine with some chopped dried tomatoes and some pieces of goat cheese.
Heat up in the oven for around 10 minutes at 220°C so that the goat cheese melts.
You may add some more olive oil to make sure the pasta doesn’t completely dry while in the oven.

Hope you enjoy these suggestions, buen provecho!!! xoxo.

Vegetarian Lasagna

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is my favorite vegetarian dish: Veggie Lasagna!
This is the first recipe that I posted online, around a year ago on my personal blog, and due to that, I got the motivation to start my food blog, so this is a very special post for me. Time to update that recipe!
For this lasagna I follow the same steps as for a regular meat lasagna, I just make sure to replace all the right ingredients. It might take a bit more time to prepare than a normal meal, but it’s all worth it, you’ll enjoy it a lot!
What you’ll need (for around 6 portions – 12 inches lasagna dish):
For the sauce:
2 carrots
1/2 red bellpepper
1/2 yellow bellpepper
1/2 zucchini or courgette
1 onion
5 pieces of garlic
400g tomatoes peeled and chopped (can be from a can)
70g tomato paste
180g grinded vegetarian meat

Olive oil
9 – 12 lasagna sheets (I use spelt pasta)
2 mozzarella balls
vegetarian grinded cheese (find the difference from regular cheese here)
Your favorite spices.

Let’s start with the sauce: chop all the vegetables into small pieces, including the onion and garlic.
Heat up some olive oil and start by frying the onion and garlic.
Add the chopped vegetables and combine well.
Throw in the vegetarian grinded meat and keep mixing.
At last, add the tomato cubes, tomato paste and around 1 cup of water to complete the sauce. Spice it up with your favorite spices combination. Mix well and let simmer for around 5 more minutes, until sauce is not so liquid.
Cut the mozzarella balls into thin slices.
Putting the lasagna together: Cover the bottom of your lasagna dish with 3 – 4 lasagna sheets. Now make a layer on top of it with the sauce until it’s all covered. Add some mozzarella slices and distribute them evenly over the layer. Finish the first later by sprinkling it with some of the grated cheese.
Repeat this same process for the next layer or until the sauce is finished.
As a finishing touch I add an extra layer of grated cheese on top and sprinkle with some oregano.
I made a video tutorial for this recipe which explains these steps better, you’ll find the video at the end of this post.
Pre-heat the oven to 180°C and bake for 40 minutes.
Serve warm accompanied with some bread or fresh salad.
Hope you enjoy this recipe, buen provecho!!! xoxo.